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Wava Kramer

Sunday:  11:00 - 2:00
Monday:  8:00 - 2:00
Tuesday - Saturday:  8:00 - 8:00

The Coachlight Restaurant was born as a community bi-centennial project in 1975.  It has flurished due to the continuous efforts and care the entire community has provided.  The restaurant employs a staff of 22, consisting of members of local farm families.


Management of the restaurant has been shared over the years by the members of the community.  Currently, Kim & Wava Kramer, of Longford, have been at the helm since 1986.


The restaurant boasts "Good Food - Friendly People".  It provides a clean, smoke-free environment for patrons to enjoy their meal.  It is large enough to support parties in its spacious dining rooms.  The decor provides for an elegant, country, small-town appearance and it beckons "welcome" as you enter. 


Each patron is greeted with a sincere smile from the staff confirming the comfort of small-town living.